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I’m pretty sure that most of us have our collector cars insured with an insurance company that specializes in insuring antique and classic cars. If you are using the same company that insures your daily driver (depending on how you use you collector car) you may be paying WAY too much!

From what I have seen, most people seem to be using Grundy or Hagerty Insurance on their collector cars and appear to be very happy with them and rightfully so because they are great companies. But that is not my issue here. My question is “is your vehicle sufficiently covered”?? The reason that I ask you this question is because a member of another club that I belong to was just in a VERY bad accident while driving a pretty rare car. The car may be totaled but it just might be repairable. So now the insurance company is going to determine the extent of the damage and ultimately decide the fate of this vehicle. So depending on the agreed value of the car that the owner placed on it when he insured it is the real key here. If the owner had a valuation of $10000.00 on the car, the insurance company might total the car if it has maybe $8000.00 damage. The insurance company then takes the damaged car and the owner would get the full $10000.00 payment from the company. That sounds good…doesn’t it? Well sort of, but it may not really be that good because if the car is really worth $20000.00, it sounds terrible! I The other thing is that the owner looked for the particular car for 9 years, so they do not grow on trees! It is not easily replaceable.

So my point really is “do you really know what your car is worth and is your insurance company on your side”?

It is not very difficult to determine replacement cost on your vehicle with a little effort. We get cars and insure them for what we think that they are worth when we buy them and probably never think about raising their values when we renew our policies. What our cars were worth 5 years ago may be very different today. So take a look at your policy to see if you will be financially OK if something does happen.

My other question deals with your company. If you have Grundy or Hagerty, you probably deal direct with the company and that is fine, but is the employee at that company that you deal with more concerned with you or the company they work for and will that company employee go out on a limb for you?

For the past 2 years, I have dealt with the Sachetti Insurance Agency from Warwick RI and I have received impeccable service. As one example, I received a phone call from them when we were coming to the end of our policy to make sure that we were aware that this was actually going to happen and was it an oversight (it was). This is not just a company but a company operated by CAR PEOPLE who actually know how to be helpful. The advantage to having an agent is that they work for YOU and they will go to bat for YOU.

They can get far more accomplished with an insurance company than a regular customer can get. The other thing is that is does not cost any more to have an agent, you would still pay the same premium. So give them a call and get that “old fashioned service” that no one else gives anymore!

The Sachetti Agency is an independent insurance agency that writes policies for many qualified insurance companies which include antique/modern cars and almost anything else that needs to be insured.

So if you are interested in talking to them, here is their contact information:
But you can’t make him drink! ll….Not sure who thought up that line but we see it often.. When I first started to look for Car Club Insurance a few years ago, I encountered many hang ups ! Then I stumbled onto one that wanted us. At the time we never heard of these people however, they had for a number of years, sponsored the Bass Pro / Patriot car cruise. The cruise being an hour away, many of us never attended. Met a guy named John Buchanan and he gave us the info on his club, Mass Cruisers, and the rest is history. Just got a call from one of my Cuz Car Club members, Joe Costa. He called to thank me for putting him in touch with a father son insurance company in Warwick R.I„ who like us, are hot rodders and couldn’t believe the deal on insuring his hot rod, classic truck. Antique policies no longer require antique plates in Mass. anymore. Also, if you have a Replica, antique plates are no longer acceptable on then. You will get a rejection sticker, trust me, I got one, However, even Vanity plates can be put on your hot rod now with an antique policy, agreed to by you and your insurance co. Our Cuz club is part Of M.A.A.C. ( mass asso. auto clubs) and these guys are up on all the latest bills affecting our hobby. The street Rod bill passed a few years ago is starting to be implemented and we will keep you all informed as we go…. Oh buy the way, that insurance co, Sacchetti Ins. 401-461-0900..ask for Peter, mention me, and you can thank me later….out

Bob Bramwell – Insurance Client
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